Discover The Skills, Confidence and Inspiration to begin your career as an Interior Stylist.


In an industry that so often feels closed off and exclusive, this is your chance to fast-track with a professional at your side.



Launching 23rd April!

I can't wait to help take your interior styling to the next level.

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’ve just finished a course in Styling but feel stuck starting your own business. 
  • You feel like you have not gained enough knowledge at uni – It didn’t cover things that you need to know to start your journey in the industry.
  • You are struggling with the “design secrets” or don’t know who to ask for help. 
  • You really want to speak to someone in the industry who is in the know. 
  • You are struggling to work out how to turn the theoretical knowledge into a career and feel locked out of the ‘interior secrets’. It’s starting to feel like a closed industry for only people in the know.

If so, then chances are this is also true for you...

Lack of contacts, experience and an industry network is the biggest barrier to getting started. You know other stylists had to start somewhere, but you don’t know anyone else in this game and feel so alone.

What if I were to pull back the curtain on the styling business?


If I were to show you the exact steps to take to get your first clients?

I’m sick and tired of seeing new stylists get knocked back and defeated before they’ve even spread their wings. I’m bringing you my no bullshit ‘all I have learned so far’ approach to share the secrets of building a successful styling business, so you can move forward as a confident interior stylist!

Sound good? Then keep scrolling to find out how...

Truth is... it is always overwhelming trying to piece together all the parts of a puzzle especially if there are crucial pieces that have been left out. We will all eventually find these out with trial and error, but what if you could learn from someone else’s mistakes and successes and fast track yourself to success? 

Ready to have confidence, clarity and a tried road map to fast track into the industry? 

Not only that but have a welcoming community of stylists and ongoing industry insights to lean on on your styling journey?

Let Me Show You How

Say hello to..



A Signature Course providing step-by-step industry insider tips, skills and experience to fast-track as an Interior Stylist.


Complete in 4 weeks or at your own pace of approx 20 hours. 

An interior stylist black book full of Realtime industry insights.

Launch yourself confidently into the industry in 4 weeks (30 days to) online.

30 days to move forward as a confidant interior stylist.


Let's Get Started

What You Get Inside


Self-Paced 12 Module Lessons

Ongoing Industry Connections

An Interior Styling Community

Checklists and Templates

Guest Experts + Live Q&A

Membership Bonuses

I'm so glad you're here, let's fast-track you to Interior Stylist heaven!

Working your dream job, for yourself or an amazing company, doing what you love and growing your reputation and income.

Caroline Logan

The course has been great, Cassie gives straight-up tried and tested advice and is so generous with her knowledge in the styling industry.

Jennifer Summers

I feel so confident now to move forward and start taking on my own interior styling clients.

Meghan Coleman

I was worried that the course wasn't for me as I had not yet started in the industry but I just love all of it. Cassie really does give you all the things you wish you knew and I can apply it to any industry too!

Become a stylist in the know...

Get your burning questions answered and move forward confidently.

Let's stop struggling to work out how to turn the theoretical knowledge into a career and that feeling of being locked out of the ‘interior secrets’. Step into our open community with industry professionals and become one of the stylists in the know.

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Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Ballarat where I majored in Sculpture and minored in Photography, for my final exhibition I was showcasing furniture that I had designed and built.  

I was lucky enough to win the largest award in our finals and was flown to the USA for the Art and Design Fairs in May. After arriving home from that I then moved to Sydney where I completed my Diploma of Interior Design and opened the Sydney WEST ELM then later moved back to Melbourne to open the Chapel St WEST ELM. 

I had a love for style and was managing the styling team there in Melbourne and quickly found myself working as a real estate stylist. 

While I love styling for sale I missed the challenge of styling families homes and watching them then enjoy the space afterward. That is when I started PIP+COOP. I have since worked hard to create lasting relationships with clients, families and architects and had amazing opportunities to style on TV, magazines and blogs and teach students and large corporations the art of styling here in Melbourne and Australia wide. 


This is what I'll be teaching you inside the course Interior Styling Secrets.

Past Client...

"Our tried and tested face-to-face workshops now online!"




  • Signature Course                      One off payment of $990
  • Payment Plan                                  2 x Payments of $550

7 Day 100% Happiness Guarantee!

Your enrolment in Interior Styling Secrets - Signature Course is 100% risk-free!

If you are not happy, I am not happy. You can participate in Interior Styling Secrets - Signature Course for Seven days.

If you do all the completed course work (12 Modules) and do not find value in the program we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us under this agreement. You will need to turn in all worksheets and tip sheets fully completed, viewed all videos in their entirety for full refund consideration.

The Interior Styling Secrets - Signature Course is for serious committed students, but I also want you to feel comfortable making this purchase.

I see you...

You’re deflated, stuck and ready to invest in yourself to elevate into the Styling Industry.

You want a course that doesn't skim around all the need to know things in the industry, you want to learn from an industry expert.

I created this for you. I've been where you are! I wish there was a course like this 12 years ago where someone would have welcomed me in, understood and handed me the tools I needed to avoid all the roadblocks and mistakes you make without the support and going in blind.

This is for you if...

  • You are stressed and want to speak to someone in the industry who is in the know and want more confidence, clarity and a tried road map to fast track into the industry.
  • You want your dream Styling job, for yourself or an amazing company, doing what you love and growing your reputation and income
  • You have tried other courses but feel lost now out of the support system

This is not for you if...

  • You are looking for the magic button/overnight success
  • You give up easily
  • You are not willing to spend any time or money getting ahead in your styling career

Say No More! I'm In


This is YOUR time...

You've got a couple of options

Keep doing what you’ve been doing and run the risk of staying where you are and spending the next 10 years making the easy fixed mistakes before Feeling overwhelmed and giving up on yourself and taking that part time role in the kitchen or blinds showroom.




Join the Interior Styling Secrets - Signature Course and learn from the experts, have the community to fall back on for support and Put yourself steps ahead of others in the industry and be well on your way to your dream interior stylist Job.

Your Investment



  • Signature Course                      One off payment of $990
  • Payment Plan                                  2 x Payments of $550

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